The Zouk Bass experimentations continue to go on and here’s the latest release from these 2 dudes, which def ought to appeal to some quarters within the scene.

You already know Banginclude’s brilliant “Swerve” track as we posted it here a while back and those “bed-spring” sounds are still totally unique & a little humorous to my ear. He is joined by Caballo, producer and former blog writer here at Generation Bass from our very early days (and the first person I took under my wing as my first blog protege) who went on to bigger things and now blogs for Mad Decent.

Here’s what they say about their work:

Zouk Bass Inspired EP.

Collab with Caballo on Unga Marunga.


‘Swerve’ – This one is def some dry hump on the dancefloor stuff. I clipped the shit out of the master to give it that tarraxo sound. If it’s too much lemme know.

‘Tippin” – Had to do it:-) – tarraxo beat w “TRVP” sounds… A bit of Zouk style percussion in there as well. Calling this one ‘Dirty Zouk’ style…Out now on Mal Dicen. Enjoy!

‘Unga Murunga’ – Collab with Caballo 

Had alot of fun with this one. I put the oversized build up in the middle because I thought it would be a good spot to put a ridiculous build up for no reason. Just trying to explore this lovely vibe named zouk bass/tarraxo…

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