Volume 2 of the series, we previously posted volume 1.  Funny that we’re mentioned on these things without knowing about them, nice tho’, we always like a mention.

Via RA

Hy Brazil Vol. 3: (More) Fresh Electronic Music From Brazil 2013, the latest in a series of Bandcamp-released compilations highlighting new electronic music in Brazil, has been released as a free download.

Hy Brazil is the work of Chico Dub, who curates Rio de Janeiro’s Novas Frequências festival and the São Paulo edition of Sónar. The compilations showcase the wealth and breadth of underground Brazilian electronic music; as Philip Sherburne put it in a recent Spin column about the first volume of Hy Brazil, “It’s an insider’s view, free of the typical favela-tourism clichés and favoring a more detailed cross-section of the country’s scene.”

Where the third compilation reveals more experimental strains of electronic music, the fourth will dig into MPB, or Brazilian Popular Music. As usual, Hy Brazil Vol. 3brings together 14 tracks by 14 artists you’re likely not familiar with, like São Paulo-based chipmusic project Droid-ON and akaaka, the work of Generation Bass contributor Lucas Fernandes. You can download the compilation now on SoundCloud.

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