F0Ck!!!  I have been so behind with these mixxxtape postings.  sorry yall…   Well, I got 3 NICE ones this week.  First up is a fresh mix from the homie Uproot Andy.  If you’re on your “P’s and Q’s” then Andy needs no introduction and you may have checked this mix already, in one month on soundcloud it has an astounding 50,000 plays!  Andy is one of the absolute masters of the Tropical Bass genre and the fact that he can compile a DOPE 55 minute mix of all his own remixes is a true testament to that.  I especially like the brief forays into Arabic pop, Bhangra and Zouk!!  Que Bajo pa vida weon!


Next up is a feel good “spring” mix from my boy, Your Boy Medison.  Usually I know Medison to be playing some Dubstep, Future Bass and all sorts of other weird post-Trappy type stuff (check his fall mix), so it’s super refreshing to hear him come with this really happy, accessible Nu-Disco mix.  It’s definitely a really nice vibe for the good weather, if you seeing good weather try it out!!!  (oh and the track list for this mix is over on his mixcloud where u can find the mix as well, voila!)


Lastly here is a new mix from MOMBASA! NYC, thats me and DJ Tiger.  Not to toot my own horn but this might be my favorite MOMBASA! mix to date.  Tiger has always been a UK Funky head and when we made this mix brought me all these gems, we tooled around and threw this one together.  Funky House, Tropical Bass, Dancehall into Trap.  Thats it!  But make sure you listen all the way to the end cause the last song is a real heater from my lil’ homie BAS who is gonna blow the funk up in 2013, mark my words, YALLA!!!

Peace in the middle EAST

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