trans moomb

What the world will look like after we have conquered.  We promise a more just world for all.  Where you can all be free from the tyranny of EDM.  We promise peace and prosperity and and a kind of Cultural Bass where everyone is fairly represented and which will unite us all towards one dominant ideology. The ideology of Generation Bass.

The First Manifesto was started by me and it came out in February 2012 and you can still try to decipher its meaning by going HERE.

The Second Manifesto is by my Commander in Chief, Okulus Anomali, and it sets out the new battle plan for the New World Order.  Prepare to die for your cause!!!

^^ 🙂 Just bustin’ your balls…

Nah, this is the second mix in the Transnational Moombahton series and it’s one hell of a journey.  Okukus stamps his own ID onto this mix and takes us all over the world on his magic carpet and the thrill of the ride is totally awesome.

Transnational Moombahton Vol II mixed by Okulus Anomali (Generation Bass) by Okulus Anomali on Mixcloud

Look at this for a Tracklist:

Saul Williams – The 7th Octave (Underdubbed by The 13th Tribe)
$teveTellcO – SalamAlekoum Moombaharabia
Slavic soul Party – Opa Cupa (Stavros Ram Ram remix) SuperStereo Moombahon edit
Midget Ninjas – The Kirgudu Dance
Act Yo Age – Song for Nona(Coconut Wireless remix) Medis 110bpm edit
El Polen – Valicha (Chong X remix)
Banginclude – Oyemeilo
Stas – Sandy (Hataah’s Mijazhugy Cumbia Bass Mix)
A Tribe Called Quest – Find A Way (Pickster remix)
Okulus Anomali – MoombAnomali (Generation Bass)
Chong X & Sister Nancy – Moombah Bam Bam
Hataah X Gekkei – Soundbwoy Dead! (Moombahton Mix)
Chong X – La Bruja
Shazalakazoo – Chernobyl – Zica Memo(Gregor Salto Remix)
Shazalakazoo – Cyrillic (Neki Stranac edit)
Stas – Caravan
RednaXe1a – Air Ease (Stas Remix)
Hataah X Gekkei – Pullup Bass
Thornato – Capoeira
Carlos Barbosa, Blasterjaxx – Toca Flute(Sabo Moombahton Edit)
Teenage Mutants with Stereophils – Bangla (DJ Medis 110 redub)
Wildlife! – Drop It feat Ralpha
Voodoo Shaman – Trompeta Chicha
Kameronessi & Stas – Loobia
DJ SuperStereo – Moombalkan(Anthem)
Paty – Cavalo de Pau (Banginclude remix)
Spragga Benz – Pussy (Chong X remix)
Orlande – Fuck Them Haters
Padrino – Slap in the Bass(DJ SuperStereo remix)
Hoodie – Sagote
Javier Estrada – Poison Ivy
Chong X – Para Que
2M3LO – Dreams in Dusty Sands
Bro Safari & UFO – Savage Beauty
La Tirana Caravana – Tienes que bailar
SAV & Happy Colors – Calle Luna Calle Boom
Ding Dong – Bad Man Forward Bad Man Pull Up(Chong X & DJ MeSs Moombashment remix)
Lapo Numacrew – Savana Talking
Anton Kemmeren – Bhangraton
Puga – Naria
DJ SuperStereo & Stas – Saleika
Dice Beats – Kumbia Dembow
SuperStereo feat Szolga Jozsi – Goran in the Disco(Neki Stranac Moombahton Edit)
Bert On Beats – Piano Loco (Chong X remix)
Chong X – Danza del Fuego
Neki Stranac meets the Monks of Simonopetra Monastery – Exomologisthe To Kyrio
Chong X – Do It Now
Astro & Glyde – El Mariachi (Dr Kucho remix) Disgraceland Edit
Carlos Hayre y Su Orquesta – Me Gusta Boogaloo (Chong X remix)
Pablo Basel – San Pablo (Disgraceland Edit)
The 13th Tribe – Number Colour
DJ SuperStereo Edit – Sinanari
Kort – Tomorrow (Sabo Moombahton Edit)
Carter Family – Bury Me Under the Weeping Willow (Neki Edit)

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