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What a good life this is huh? Sitting back and chilling out every week to all the newest nu cumbia and then sharing them with all of you. Well sitting back and chilling isn’t quite accurate. Normally it’s a full week of panic to get a lot of work done, work that I love to do, don’t get me wrong, it’s a true labour of love (UB 40 shout out!) but it’s a lot of work nonetheless.

Yeah to make all of this happen it takes a lot out of you. People who try out blogging with big thoughts in their head, rarely make it a year of consistent blogging. We may be a bunch of opinionated elitists, but at least we’re dedicated opinionated elitists. Though I’m not really a very good elitist, I share what I think is good, it has nothing to do with being a know-it-all and I know what’s best sort of thing. I’m an elitist with things that don’t matter much, like guitar picks, my coffee and for some reason office desks (real wood is the only way to go).

I don’t have to be an elitist to post what is good with nu cumbia, because so much of it is good without me saying so. Take a look this week and see if you agree.

To listen to a special mix of this weekend’s selection click on: Piper Street Sound Sexxy Saturday Cumbia Mixtape!

Let’s start things off with a smooth kick back mix courtesy of Panikoo. There are a lot of great tracks on here, some new and some old, some chicha and some not so chicha.

Okay I really need to figure out this great Facebook marketing trick. You know which one I’m talking about. The one where if you want a free download you first must “like” the page. It works on me every time and it’s ingenious. Such a trick is done successfully and in all fairness, fairly by DJ Galletas Calientes with his cool edit of a classic oldie by Los Piratas De San Felipe.

This week I’ve said a lot about Pimentón and their new album Electrocachengue. It is truly incredible! Please give it love. This band really put a lot of honest hard work into this EP. I know this because they kept me updated a lot during the process. I recently posted a what was then exclusive article for the release yesterday, so I won’t do much on this SSC except play their video here. Check out the official exclusive article here, by clicking this line that is colored, yeah this blue one that turns red when you put your mouse over it.

We can really kick back to this next one from SSC first timer El Leo Rodriguez. And let’s do just that with his marvelous rework ELCafé Mix.

Petardo shares a special history from Jamaica with his rework of a song and of artists I honestly didn’t know (what?! And I call myself an office desk elitist!). I’m not one of those “peaceful” reggae and dub elitists haha you know what I mean, the kind that “kindly” inform those who don’t know about a popular cumbia/dub artist who wear Bob Marley shirts and honestly love the music, but I did grow up with the music by starting my listening experience at an early age. Well that all needlessly said here is Petardo lovely rework of Heart Of The Congos, by The Congos, yet another great act produced by the legend Lee “Scratch” Perry, someone I do know of quite well.

Let’s see what we all, who can that is, can do for Oakland based cumbieros La Misa Negra. They need our help raising money for the mastering and pressing for their finished album. Any donation can help and you can do so by clicking this word: KICKSTARTER.

Stereo Revuelta went to work on this Los Angeles Azules song “Mis Sentimientos.” He re-drummed it making the song go through different rhythmic changes in interesting ways.

Malefics are seriously one of the dopest nu cumbiero outfits today. I love their dark sound, as I’ve stated a few times in the past, I’m drawn to dark things, especially in music. The work of Malefics is absolutely lovely and very unique. Here is a new one.

Three artists united to provide us with this sick tune produced by one of the three, Rescate DJ. This freestyle consists also of vocalist Leidy Perales and DJ Puma. Check it out and dig it!

Here is a lovely piece of cumbia digital by El Mencho Cumbia Dub that is simple yet it complicates my thoughts when trying to think of how, with words as my tools, I can describe it. You’ll just have to listen and whatever words come to your mind will have to serve as the description.

The robots made him do it? That’s his reason for making this. I think it’s a good reason. Thanks robots for making Philthy Dronez do this Daft Cumbia.

I miss the days of Fiestas Pirata, the Mexicano Cumbia team. I heard from a little bird the other day that we might just see them return. Such a return will be welcomed by me with arms wide open. Papi Perez is one of the creators, along with Spike Devil Disco. It’s an honest pleasure to have some more Papi Perez here on SSC, it’s been a while. He returns with a rebajada edit of Cumbia de la Playa.

Now chilling out things even more may seem difficult after a rebajada but it is possible. I’ll prove it with this next one by Baiperbass (super vitamina). This track really speaks to my personal production tastes.

There is no better way that I can think of ending this SSC post this week than having it be Tu Guiana. Tu Guiana is the artist behind the brilliant design for my Cumbia EP series. So before Tu Guaina’s new brilliant song let’s go with the first single of the first EP in my new series!

Paceña Tropical is the first of the Cumbia series. With Alejandro Cassis and Villa Victoria Sound System working together, this EP is incredible and based on the response from this single, Capitan Chichas, I strongly feel the EP when released on June 4th, will be a big hit.

Here is Tu Guaina’s brilliance on the music production side of things.

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