Wow look at this! Our boys of darkness in sunny Madrid Calavera Calavera allow us a glimpse into their live show experience. It’s great for me to personally see a shared love for the good ol’ MicroKorg. That synth came along just in time for Korg and still dominates. Even their XL follow up model couldn’t compete against it. I have mine sit snugly on top of my Korg DW-8000, a 1985 legendary mode, which was the first digital/analog synthesizer on the market (I think that’s true) and was used by Depeche Mode on their 1986 album Black Celebration (and the presets on it alone scream of Depeche Mode).

Besides our love for synthesizers, we also share a love for theatrics. I think I’ll pass this along to my Phoenix neighbor Alice Cooper to show him what he has created. I’m sure he’ll advise Calavera Calavera to involve more killing of demonic babies and to have their heads cut off with a guillotine. What is it with dark horror performers and desert sun?

When I first heard Calavera Calavera with the release of their brilliant album The Fearless Vampire Killers, I knew they were special. I’m going to keep my eye on these guys, no wait, I’ll keep both of my eyes on these guys, because I’m positive they’re going to be much more popular soon. One thing we can all keep our eyes on right now is their new video featuring their song Dracula’s Castle. Watch these boys at work and go see them if you get the chance, while I stay home thousands of miles away jealous of your experience.

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