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Bass-Bayshi based upon Bass Music & a trad Japanese Riddim [Hayashi/Bayashi]

Tracks based on Japanese traditional groove”囃子(hayashi/bayashi)”. With this new Electronic Fusion they become “Bass-Bayshi”.

“Matsuri” means traditional festive occasions. It is throb for many people and gratitude for everyday is imminent in it. Everyday and everyplace is special for everyone. “Matsuri” is everywhere. Hope you find “Matsuri” everywhere in your life.


She said that this picture symbolizes the hall of Japanese old traditional music style “Gagaku” ……..There is an affinity between Gagaku and Matsuri.  Both are the cornerstone of unique music-mind in Japan …

Nagumo is Japanese musician, DJ and songwriter based on Tokyo.  He was born in Saitama in 1982.  Affected by DRAGONBALL, he began music making.  He doesn’t have an identification genre. His performing style is playing many kinds of sound.  He made some tracks for stage performances and some movies.  The EP “The Planet Storm” was released from the British label Disco-R. Dance in 2009.  He will move from Tokyo to Berlin in 2013.

Projector: elegirl

Nagumo belongs to the Artlabel : elegirl.
For this album, elegirl recruited the Artist for the Artwork, named the tracks and founded the concept.

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