Have you guys heard of Gazelle or Jogyo or Devi Mambouka? Yes, no, maybe so? Well I just heard an awesome track by these Stateside artists originally from other lands (like most of us here). Actually the leader in charge of this EP is Gazelle, originally from Mozambique, a very interesting artist that has come a long way. Along with Jogyo, who came from Jamaica, a very interesting artist that combines hip hop and global bass, and Devi Mambouka originally from Africa and grew up as the daughter of the Ambassador of Gabon, another unique artist who explores and shares her African heritage and is known for her DJ presence in the New York nightlife.

Together they came together for Gazelle’s new song R.U.N. (Remember Union Now). It is quite powerful and beautiful combining different global flavors together with roots in African music. Together these three artists compliment each other while sharing a common vibe. The musicianship is lovely and the production is really well done.

Today we at Generation Bass are pleased to share with you the new video. We also have the EP streaming for you via Bandcamp. Along with the single in this EP there is also a very cool spacey vocal remix by Sao Paolo’s, now New York’s own dub master Strikkly Vikkly (Victor Rice). Following that remix is another dubbed out version also by Strikkly Vikkly.

Gazelle – R.U.N (Featuring Jogyo & Devi Mambouka) by dm_517554946c655

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