sexxxy saturday cumbia ep-3

It’s finally here, the EP we have been waiting for! The premier EP for the new series featuring some of my favorite nu cumbia artists. Starting things off we go to Bolivia where we find Paceña Tropical a duo featuring two young talented artists from the Oi Mas Bass collective Alejandro Cassis and Villa Victoria Sound System.

These dudes are incredibly talented producers with a huge and successful future ahead of them. It’s been a real pleasure getting to know them and it brings me much pride to be able to release their debut EP here on my series.

We have four songs and one remix by Siete Catorce. All the mastering was done in Bolivia as well by 8bit giant ninho. The first song was released a week ago here as a single and teaser. The success of the single “Capitan Chichas” surpassed my expectations. I was both moved and astonished by the positive response, I can assure Paceña Tropical was too. The rest of the album has this unique quality to it, in the way that the songs don’t sound the same. I love this about it because I see it lacking in many other recent albums. It’s also not all over the place and confusing. Each song compliments the next one and Siete Catorce’s (another young brilliant talent) remix only adds another dimension to the EP.

Paceña Tropical is splendid and so is their debut EP. I personally couldn’t be happier. I look forward not only to the future of this Cumbia EP series but to the future of Paceña Tropical!

Enjoy mis cumbieros! Enjoy the free download too!

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