As i was just wandering on the net, checking a few pages i saw that the good Seapunkgang guys posted about this great release of Rizzla&False Witness. Available on Dismagazine‘s page this 3-track-EP, a blend of dirty house and tropical beats, core music with a light touch of gabber is going to shake your …………. (<= fill the blank with appropriate word).

I think the moment is quite appropriate to post about it, as here in France we’re in the middle of useless (once more) battle about gay marriage. Surprizing isn’t it ? But who actually gives an F about old-minded people who still refer to Maghreb as colonies and who think that they’ll be pardoned for all the shit they did in their lives just because they go to church once a week.

A new collab EP from the KUNQ collective, Isla Toxico is the devil spawn of @falsewitness and @rizzladj, a collection of tracks exploring their obsessions with jumpstyle, urbano and circuit house. Soaked in the afterbirth of colonialism, Isla Toxico is a love letter to the apocalypse, and a warning of what comes after. The 3 track EP features vocal samples from Pepper MaShay, Joswa in Da House and La Delfi, with artwork by Itzel Xoco.
#KUNQ is our personal hybrid of Queer, Punk, Cunt and Crunk – a globally informed, queer take on bass.  With our production and dj sounds, as well as Micah’s take on hip hop, we’ve been working with sounds from all around the world, in beats somewhere between hard house, vogue, soca and urbano.”
Dismagazine makes the EP available for free for a short period time so GET IT when you still can !

Check also the cool 60-min-mix of Rizzla for the Boiler Room NYC. Super hot stuff !



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