This amazing new transnational dub just caught my attention thanks to Boom One Records. I’m envious that BOR signed this artist, who goes by the name Doctah X. To be honest the track sounds really incredible, the bass is sick, the vibe over-all is beautiful and mysterious. The only negative criticism I have is I think he might have over-used the Indian samples, instead of sticking to just a couple he uses several, and I might unique with this criticism because I know this exact sample pack and own it myself. So maybe hearing the all-too-noticeable samples may just be noticeable to me.

However that criticism aside (I’m sure many won’t share my opinion) the song is gorgeous and definitely worth your time. Boom One Records sticks to their guns by keeping the artists they sign dub-based with this one. It is spacey and dark just the way I love a lot of my music to be.

I’ll keep my eye on Doctah X. I’m curious to hear what more he will bring to the world of transnational dub.

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