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You know what is a hell of a drug? Caffeine is one hell of a drug. Several times in my life I’ve been able to get off it but always end up relapsing without paying much attention to how it happened nor when. This week was the latest attempt to get clean from caffeine and man has it been hell. I’m at the end of the weeklong detox and finally the headaches are going away and my focus is returning.

Kicking a habit is serious business, the long sweaty nights, the terrible restless leg syndrome and the insane mind racing thoughts. But the moment when your body and mind feel free from the hold it has over you is well worth the struggle. Now the question is when will I relapse again…

A caffeine withdrawal won’t keep me from my duties. I mean who else out there is going to bring the usual homoerotic Cumbia blogging of Sexxy Saturday Cumbia, the sexiest and the Saturdayist Cumbia post on the Internet? This is a job for El Guero!

How better is to leave one addiction than to replace it with another? How about with Candy Crush and Cumbia? These loco cumbieros Cumbia Drive can help you get started that.

Don’t forget your free download!

Enjoy your seafood appetizer (I won’t, I am not one for seafood) courtesy of PabloTez and his Cumbia dish of Ceviche Galactico.

For those of you who like your tobacco (I’m not one who does) your tastes are not left out this week. Aruturo Herrera likes to experiment with ideas and sounds into a Cumbia mixture. This is one of his latest experiments.

Real Cumbia Activa is Fake Moustache, Albert DJ and 4:20 Music Flavor’s new project. They explore the world of Cumbia and push it beyond its boundaries (imaginary of course) and come up with some interesting stuff. They have been pretty active lately so I expect that there will be a lot more noise soon to come.

Let’s check out their new one, Mas Dark.

Our deep Cumbia boy Dany F wisely decided to take on Miss Bolivia and remix her track Apagolo. He does so with his own Cumbia touch.

I can always go for a cool Rebajada, especially of a Sonidera. Sonideras sound really cool to me like this, I like them a lot normally but they work best as Rebejadas compared to any other Cumbia style. That’s my personal opinion of course. And here we have one of Mariana by Mezcal Sound System.

al Sound System.

Mexico and Argentina join forces by way of Cero 39 The E-xta Machine with this dope little Cumbia Bye Bye.

You might remember last week I shared a bit about the Oakland-based Cumbia Colombiana band La Misa Negra and how they launched a Kickstarter campaign to help finish mastering and producing their new album. Well I have the first cut from the album here for you called La Cumbia Cura. And with it comes a cool little story, which I will quote below.

“We played the VivaFest! festival in San Jose last year and an older lady in a wheelchair came up to us after the show and told us that she hadn’t stood up in a very long time but that she loved the band so much, she couldn’t help but get up and dance! She had never heard of us or seen us play before, but she was very grateful for the music and for helping her forget about her ailments, even if it was for just a moment. Usually, we go on stage, play some songs, people dance, jump around and have a good time, and it’s mission accomplished for us. But this woman reminded me of how truly powerful music can be and how it may even have the power to heal. Of course it’s not going to cure your arthritis or fix a broken hip, but it can touch your soul and your heart. At the very least, it makes your day better. The woman in the wheelchair inspired me so much, that I instantly came up with the name for this song. I didn’t get her name, but I wrote this song for her.” – La Misa Negra

Anyone still interested in helping with their Kickstarter can do so here: La Mis Negra Kickstarter.

And for now enjoy La Cumbia Cura.

I am not familiar with Omi EKP or their Moeland project last year, but apparently there is a remix album for Moeland and I came across this remix by Bomb Diggy. I really enjoy this minimalist track, which has a hint of Cumbia going on in it.

This next one is really a nice unique trip. FeroZMonas takes Cumbia to a Middle Eastern land.

You might remember The Night Goes Cumbia by Sigsonbia (though I think he went with a different name when it originally came out). Well here is Piska Power’s dope dark minimalist remix of it.

While we’re on this bizarre electronic experimental Cumbia path, a visit to Tu Guiana would seem to be a logical stop. This crazed artistic master returns this week with his new concoction.

I’m going to leave you this week with a couple of very different Cumbia mixes. First we will go with a modern Cumbia mix featuring Cumbia Digital and Cumbia Dub as the main ingredients. The modern mix is by AtaSelektah.

AtaSelektah-DeepCumbia-Set by Ataselektah on Mixcloud

The second and final mix for this weekend comes by way of DJ T-Short, with some old classic Cumbias mixed with hip hop beats and other modern rhythmic flavoring.

I lied! One more to go HAHAHA (read as an evil laugh if you would be so kind, thank you). This week on my podcast The Global Bass Experience, Piper Street Sound put together this excellent mix. You’ll have to sit through a short introduction but once the mix gets going you’ll be quite content.

The Global Bass Experience Episode 11 Piper Street Sound Mix 06.07.2013 by The Global Bass Experience on Mixcloud

Well my friends that about does it for me this week. Have a wonderful weekend.


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