funk Globo : the sound of Neo Baile
funk Globo : the sound of Neo Baile

Baile Funk is certainly one of my first musical love stories. Like a real one, with the « coup de foudre » or love at first hearing. The heartbeat, the passion, the anxiety, the anger, the lust, frustration and renewed pleasure, it was all of that.

It happened by chance and it started with Mr Bongo. Yes, the very label we talk about today. Years ago I knew i’d have a big party coming and i didn’t want to open on the headline artist playing something casual, so i digged in the net for a few months and that raw diamond came out. It was a real fight to extract it, but i got my first Baile Funk Comp vinyl :

Slum Drunk presents Funk Carioca by Tetine. And the storm of Putarias (sry i dunno what appropriate plurals are) of proibidão started. All the tracks i could get of Deize Tigrona, Tati Quebra, Tejo, Black Alien, Speed Freaks, Edu K (of course !) these were my names, my music. Thanks to Mr Bongo, Daniel Haaksman (who did an amazing job with his record label), the artists themselves (my Capoeira Mestre as well, thx Guara, i still have that recording you brought me back from Rio and forbade me to play public, – it’s about guys from one gang bitching onto another one –, actually thx for telling me, i guess it avoided me some serious trouble).

So enough of my good memories. Baile Funk has become Neo Baile. I wouldn’t even dare to explain what Neo Baile is exactly (i’d make a fool of myself), just know that you can get a hand on that superb comp released on Mr Bongo label, the tracks collected and put together by Sao Paulo-based Funk na Caixa aka Renato Martins and London-based Sean Casey aka Bumps, founder of Club Popozuda.

That’s 14 unreleased tracks blending tamborzão, heavy trap beats, uplifting close to moombahton drilling synths, tropical rhythms, dutch house snare rolls, Bmore drumbeats, great samples and even remixes of Maga Bo, Bert on Beats &Mc Gi, all of that into new ass-kicking versions.

Tecnobrega of course hasn’t been ignored – how could it be -, and you’ll get some caracteristic elements of that superb style and even as a bonus track Deize Tigrona‘s Prostituto feat. Jaloo. Just that track reveals the quality of this comp.

And yes don’t worry the 808 Volt hasn’t disappeared !

Mr Bongo records started life in 1989 and now 20-something years on they now have an impressive recording roster featuring some of the best Brazilian, Latin, reggae, African and Jazz music and artists. They also became an established bearer for hard-to-find, classic Latin music, and are particularly strong supporters of Brazilian music outside of the Americas.

‘Funk Globo: The Sound of Neo Baile’ features established names such as DJ Comdrade aka Xao, whose ‘Favela Trap’ album made a major dent in the burgeoning scene at the end of 2012, Sao Paulo-based MC Gi, one of the forerunners of the scene, and Rio-based
Maga Bo, who has been producing Brazilian-flavoured bass music since the early 00s.

Alongside these are upcoming artists Ophex from Lithuania, Ckrono&Slesh from Italy, Gato Preto from Mozambique, Chuck Upbeat from Moscow and London-based Bumps, one of the compilers. As a bonus the compilation also features the first lady of Funk, Deize Tigrona, on a track entitled ‘Prostituto’ that fuses Tecnobrega and the best of Trap rhythms and aesthetics. A truly global compilation, ‘Funk Globo: The Sounds of Baile Funk is a don’t-miss-it release from Mr Bongo, and will be released on the 22nd July 2013.
From Press kit.

You can listen here to the tracks mixed by Funk na Caixa :



1. Guto de Almeida-Vai Danada Ft. MC Wa

2. Maga Bo-No Balanco da Canoa (Bumps’ Neo Baile Remix)
3. Ophex-Gostoso
4. DJ Comrade-Xão Trap
5. MC Gi-Chega Mais (Carlos Nuñez Remix)
6. Chuck Upbeat-Cicadas’ Dance
7. Miam Vandale-Dança Gostosa
8. La Bombacion-Baile Funk Ft. Tecou
9. MC Dedê-Real Funk Do Povão (DJ Comrade Remix)
10. Bumps-Bumporzão
11. Ckrono & Slesh-A Patricinha
12. ViA The Robots-Shtusha Kutusha
13. MC Kacho-Bole Rebole (Prod. By Jaloo)
14. Gato Preto-Saca Me Desse Banzé
15. Deize Tigrona-Prostituto Ft. Jaloo

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