This awesome new video just dropped featuring the impeccable Argentine duo Hanna Shinohara and Brujjas Deejay. They released this song last year on their album Maestros de Ceremonia by way of Sub Klub Records. The response to that album was massive. Hanna is not only a very talented and unique lyricist but she also has a powerful and effective way of flowing with her vocals. There is no one like her. Brujjas Deejay’s production style fits so well with Hanna’s voice and they both compliment each other’s sound very well.

The video is of the song El Gusano, a genius Digital Cumbia and one of my favorite songs from the album. The video is a vibrant masterpiece in itself. The background animations are really cool and psychedelic. It looks awesome with the Hannah and Brujjas doing their thing in front of it. The edits are very well done as well, it shows that a lot of work and creativity went into this. I am more than positive that you will enjoy this a lot.

Hanna Shinohara & Brujjas Deejay / El Gusano from VJ_DSG on Vimeo.

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