I feel good right now. The desert nights have a way of bringing me peace after the dry  hot sweltering day. I have always been a night owl as I suspect most of you have always been as well. Yes, our type sticks together creating and sharing our ideas with one another through music, writing and all other types of artistic creative expression we are drawn to naturally. Our type shall never perish because we bring joy to those seeking it.

I believe what I have here for you tonight might bring you joy. There is a big party in Lima, Peru every year called TOMA. And the ringmasters are Dengue Dengue Dengue! Have a look at their promo video to get an idea of what you’re missing out on.

TOMA! Reel 2013 from Rafael Pereira on Vimeo.

What I find to be particularly special is this mix by Sonidos Profundos from his turn on stage last Saturday night at TOMA 10. He has some of my favorite Digital Cumbia artists featured in this mix and it is simply lovely.

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