Great EP here from an Algerian artist living in Turkey.

This came to my attention after I posted the “New Sounds from Istanbul” mixtape and this artist was featured on it and his label contacted me to send me his EP.

Here’s more info about it:

El Mahdy Jr. and his family fled the brutal Civil war of his native Algeria in the 90′s, relocating to Turkey. Upon returning years later to Algeria, Mahdy worked as a French-Arabic translator in Algeria and later in Burkina Faso. Sick in bed with malaria, he began to paint sonic pictures of his travels in exile; digitally decoding a hazy trance- induced melting of his native Algerian music, Turkish folk, the furious Poly-Rhythms of West africa, and his love of slow, low slung Rap beats.

Now living in Istanbul, El Mahdy Jr. is a respected artist amongst the Istanbul beat scene. His sonic experiments have grown into a collection of disciplined, well timed musical gestures that confound the expectations of any single genre. Splicing devotional music into a blunted blend of half time bass and mystic sound. Familiar in its bass weight and its global melt, but completely new and enveloping in its fragility and poise.

Boomarm Nation is thrilled to present this debut release in a limited run of 300 vinyl records housed in a 3 color hand printed jacket. Included in the release is a stunning remix by Alter Echo & E3 of the Zam Zam Sounds label.

We also have  a great exclusive to give away courtesy of the label:

Permanent Defeat- (Dis…mix)

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