You definitely need some of these tracks for your global bass sets! Silver Bullit is back but this time teamed up with London based MC Afrikan Boy on vocals. With Afrikan Boy on the vocals and the rhythms provided  the music production, this makes for a new take on Afrobeat mixed with dancehall and other elements from electronic music. Actually it is unfair to label it anything other than dope.

Silver Bullit even got the legend Mad Professor to remix two tracks off the album, both are of the first track Burning, the first reggae and the second as a dub and they both are really sick. The other remixes are all quite different. This time Urban World Records chose very wisely for the remixers who include Elo with an upbeat dance style, Okay Funkay with a U.K. funky techno sound, Kush Arora bass remix and club friendly remix.

Here is the official video for Burning.

And here we go with the Afrikans in Denmark feat Afrikan Boy album.

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