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This is the post that brought me here to Generation Bass just over two years ago so it means more to me than you’ll ever know.

If anything the promotion has given me a refreshing motivating feeling to pursue more into the world of Digital Cumbia and the like.

This week I have some real goodies for all of you to prove my sincerity and passion. Let’s get going!

This is the first and possibly last time I will single out my favorite Cumbia of the week. It is so good that I couldn’t resist the urge to proclaim my favoritism of it. Tribilin Sound is always spot on with his productions. I know that I will be playing this one out many many many times!

I feel that this next one flows very nicely with the last one. DJ Pase can really create a chill vibe in his music. I’m quite fond of chill vibes.

I’m pleasantly surprised by the darkness and creativity on the new EP México Ecléctico by Mr. Jags. Caballo got to it first on his Tropical Bass post so I will just post it here on SSC. It is really excellent, it goes many places and the changes are surprising.

El Mulato takes us now back to the roots with a Cumbia Colombiana remix of La Pastorsita.

DJ Albert Style also lends a hand by bringing us back with some Lisandro Meza.

Slowly we merge back into modern Cumbia with one foot in the past and one in the present, thanks to Philthy Dronez.

Bubbleheads released their EP this week. A couple days back I wrote about it right after the fact here on Generation Bass. This is the single Chupa Chups.

I’m going to spice things up now with a few new videos from this past week. First off is a bit of Qechuaboi’s set from this year’s TOMA party in Lima, Peru. Let’s watch the master at work shall we…

Qechuaboi Live! @ TOMA! 10, Frikstailers Night, Lima – Perú, 2013. from qechuaboi on Vimeo.

Also the masters of tropical darkness La MiniTK Del Miedo released their excellent music video this past week. Many were excited to see this, myself included.

Another highly anticipated and extremely exciting video was released this week. Hannah Shinohara and Brujjas Deejay make a great team. No one flows like Hannah and her lyrics are very well thought out and creative. Brujjas produces music that fits so very well with Hannah’s vocals. I can’t imagine a better result.

This is their new video for their song El Gusano.

Hanna Shinohara & Brujjas Deejay / El Gusano from VJ_DSG on Vimeo.

This is a very exciting 3ball Cumbia with a lovely Peruvian flavor. La Sonora Beatbox provides the music that you must have in your collection. It’s a cool song called Del Perú pal Perú.

The excitement doesn’t end there. Exta-Machine MX makes another appearance here on SSC with this dope edit of a song we all know (30 years old +).

Now onto a mixtape with an excellent selection of old school Cumbia along with some new gems. Courtesy of Musik-Kurier.

Cumbia Del Monte by Musikkurier on Mixcloud

We speed things up now with [email protected]’s new energetic Cumbiaton mix.

DJ Subversivo just introduced me to this song from Colombia, La Gringa a Vallenato, which if I remember correctly is Cumbia from the Pacific Coast. Well it has a great title, I’m surprised I’ve not heard it before.

I choose to end this week’s SSC with an SSC newcomer Nino Francois, with a great new Digital Cumbia.

I hope I delivered this weekend with my selection. I feel very good about these songs and videos. It has been a busy and very exciting week. Here’s to the promising future in store for Generation Bass – you haven’t seen nothing yet!


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