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Generation Bass presents: NAGUMO : MATSURI EVERYWHERE EP

After the hailstorm of Zouk Bass we dropped on you the last couple of weeks, the Generation Bass family now take an in depth look at a new Japanese style of bass music, incorporating traditional elements into some fierce Globall Bass that will keep your ears ringing! Meet Nagumo. Nagumo is a Japanese musician, DJ and songwriter based in Tokyo. The dude was born in Saitama, just outside the great city of Tokyo in 1982. Heavily affected by DRAGONBALL, he began making music. Yes, music. Nagumo does not have a set genre. He’s one of those guys that keeps exploring boundaries as he comes across them, making every new genre or song he hears a direct influence. This is some heavy bass music though. Think of a cross between barefoot (remember that? Heavy low end bass rumbling low in tempo as well) and global bass designed to set any dance floor on fire from the likes of Douster or Bert on Beats.

For this release, Nagumo was working on something special. He started working on a couple of tracks that were based on a traditional Japanese groove ”囃子(hayashi/bayashi)”. Fused with top notch production, heavy banging kicks and deep synths this new Electronic Fusion became the new born genre of “Bass-Bayshi”. Are you as intrigued as we were when we first got scent of this development? Matsuri means a traditional festive occasion. Festive as in: gratitude for every day. A very Japanese and humble way of looking at the world you are in. Every day and every place is special for everyone.

The first thing you will hear is a sample of a bird going in the first track “Matsuri Everywhere”, quickly followed by some low traditional drums and steady pace of electronics. The way the two very different forms of music come together is really amazing! Nagumo even goes all out with some Moombahton references. Quick, chirping synths and a galloping cadence in the rhythm add a definite ‘now’ feel to the track. The second track here, “Don Doko Don” fuses the traditional and intricate percussion with some almost violent sounding, buzzing, trancy post-dubstep elements. A very catchy tune that you should have no trouble with dropping in a late night speaker hugging dub step bromance fest! The last track is the chugging “Notteru Ondo”, which has that same runaway train feel as the old T. Raumschmiere stuff, but in a completely new and modern fashion. Heavy duty Global bass! This EP is proof that music still has new routes to explore. New talents to unfathom, new directions to take, new paths to blend with what we have already know. We at Generation Bass are proud to bring someone to your attention that has that urge to come up with something new, not bound to his own cultural heritage, but free in mind and music. Matsuri truly is everywhere!

Artwork: Youchos

She said that this picture symbolizes the hall of Japanese old traditional music style “Gagaku” ……..There is an affinity between Gagaku and Matsuri. Both are the cornerstone of unique music-mind in Japan …

Projector: elegirl

Nagumo belongs to the Artlabel : elegirl.
For this album, elegirl recruited the Artist for the Artwork, named the tracks and founded the concept.

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Release Date17 JUNE 2013
Description EP
Download storesJuno
Streaming servicesSpotify

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