It is a common and accepted trait at the present time in Egypt within the Electro Cha3bi scene that all music relating to that scene is usually given away for free and they make their money from gigs, not too dissimilar to the Tecnobrega model in Brazil.

So with that being the background, it legitimizes what we’re, well not “we”, but what our good friends the “Cairo Liberation Front” have kindly done.  They have just let loose on tons and tons of Electro Cha3bi material.

Can you believe it!!!!

This stuff is not easy to get hold of outside of Egypt and so you would be stupid not to grab it!

Thank you CLF and thank you all the Electro Cha3bi producers for being so kind to give this amazing new music for free.

Grab it from these links:


And whilst you’re at it make sure to check out some CLF too:

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