New tropical sounds, traditional, avant-garde, the drum, the beat, everything comes together with the same goal: to make you dance.

The interesting thing with the tropical travelers is that we increasingly find more places to visit and to return to. Tonight we come back with the black sounds, with champeta, with cumbia and salsa. We don’t stay still and we circle around Chile, Colombia, Spain, Argentina and Germany.

Tonight we are playing one mixtape, that the amateur director DJ, creator of the radio show ‘La Gestapo Negra’, L Warlock sends us from Murcia Spain. It’s a selection of musical rarities for our program.

And continuing with Spain, we found ‘Ovni Guarajé’ with some of their newly released album, and adding a greeting sent directly from Madrid, Dj Caution also appears in the program with two of his recent remixes.

From Chile “La Mákina Kandela”, from Barranquilla Colombia “Orito Cantora” sent some very tasty songs, the “champetuo” Charles King, Proyecto Palenque Live, same as Maite Hontelé, Geko Jones from United States, Germany Andrés Digital and Novique LocX from Misiones Argentina .

Two hours with music to encourage to decontrol, rapture and to love the tropical.

Junio 15 – 2013 ¡Arrebato tropical! by Tropicaneando Con Paola on Mixcloud

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