It’s been almost 4 months since the term “Zouk Bass” was created by Buraka Som Sistema to give a new identity to the evolution of Tarraxinha tracks that were incorporating a heavier clubbed out, souped-up, bass dynamic.

Buraka have released a few tracks and we at Generation Bass have released 4 EP’s and there’s more on the way. We’ve had 1 Zouk Bass week and another is coming around in a few weeks time.

Moombahton’s Cuz


Some people are saying Zouk Bass is nothing more than Moombahton’s Lil’ Brother or a slowed down Moombahton!

Those into Zouk Bass respond like the boys in the picture above when they hear this.

Yes, Moombahton and Zouk Bass have a similarity in that they are both inspired by the Dem Bow and are both at a low BPM but they are not the same, riddim-wise or BPM.

Moombahton is at 108-110 and Zouk Bass ranges from 85-90.

Moombahton usually incorporates the Dem Bow and leans towards Dutch House whereas Zouk Bass borrows heavily from Tarraxinha and also leans towards Kuduro.

It is probably more apt to describe Zouk Bass as Moombahton’s cuz rather than its brother and NO, it is not slowed down Moombahton.

The Kids want Zouk Bass!


So it’s becoming quite apparent that Zouk Bass is spreading all around the world.  Here’s a selection of new tracks emerging and some older tracks which we might not have previously blogged to bring you bang up to date with this new and exciting movement.


One of the originals in the scene who have been creating Tarraxinha for quite some time and one of the current leaders in the Zouk Bass scene.  Watch out for their second EP that will be dropping on Generation Bass soon.


Another one of my favourites on the scene, DJ Paparazzi is a super-producer but the world just doesn’t know it yet but I am confident that they will do soon.

Here’s a snippet of a new track that he will have out soon.


Core member of Buraka Som Sistema who featured in that infamous Boiler Room set back in Feb 2013. Here’s his latest again with a new download link.

Dub Phizix – Marka : Riot’s Zouk Bass mix


Being the first to release an official Zouk Bass EP anywhere in the world with his “Voodoo Space Time” EP released on Generation Bass, here’s a few new tracks, which include a couple of numbers from his forthcoming EP.


One of America’s leading players in this new scene, fact that he is a percussionist explains why he is so damn good at making this stuff.


Another American dude who has been making some right killers and here’s one where he slowed down DJ Marfox’s “Sublimar” to 90 BPM, added some Bass and a bit of Zouk and we have Zouk Bass.


KJS is UK based and he dropped this sexxy lil’ number a while back and at first some of us were not sure about it including me but it has grown to be one of my favourite tracks. Yes, there’s a hint of Missy Elliot in the track, which has subsequently been adopted in a few other Zouk Bass tracks but this was the first and still the finest.

Steve TellcO

French based producer who has been banging out some great Transnational Moombahton has put his hand to some Zouk Bass with good results.


I think one of the first Russian dudes to make Zouk Bass and he leans towards deep atmospherics, just how we like it.


Another Russian dude who is no stranger to this blog as we have blogged his Midget Ninjas Soundsystem material for some years. He also turns his attention to ZB.


Another new player on the scene from France with some Zouk Crunk!


From Canada & Singapore with an EP that according to Tropical Bass blog “combines current jamaican dancehall tunes by Charly Black, Gyptian and Suku (Ward 21) with the french-caribbean sound and a extra portion of bass, of course…..a very good example in which direction Zouk Bass could move”.


Swiss Trap producer bringing some sexxy Zouk Bass vybz more along the DJ Paparazzi school of Zouk Bass.


A first from the Maldives and I actually luv this one a lot, there’s just some crazy energy about it with a surprising punk ethos.


A duo from Korea and USA, I luv how these intercontinental partnerships are developing.

This isn’t bad at all.


From Tilburg, Netherlands, he ain’t no stranger to this blog. This one came out some time back but we never blogged it. Straying more towards Zouk core.

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