This is Volume 6 in the Free Moombahton series.


Hungarian producer, Stas is a dude we’ve had our eye on for a while since his excursions into Transnational Moombahton and here he delivers a brilliant 2 track EP in that style taking in some Arabian vybz.

Watch out for his Transnational Moombahton Volume III Mixtape coming soon, continuing the series that I started back in Jan 2012.

For now grab this awesome EP because there isn’t much of this kinda stuff about but we’re bringing it you and for free too!

Stanislav Bendarjevsky aka. Stas is a DJ/Producer. As a DJ he is in to all kinds of new styles. He loves fresh tunes that make the dancefloors bounce. As a producer he is experimenting with new things and mixing the good old motives with the new ones. He likes to cooperate with other producers as he always wants to create something unique.

“Stas is garnering lots of recognition for his wide array of production talents. His transnational moombahton tracks have been a staple of many a DJ’s set on both sides of Atlantic since the beginning of 2013.”

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