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I made a decision this week that I do not even the least bit regret. I came out to Denver to attend and shoot the wedding of an old friend of mine. My friend being female, gave me an option, attend the bachelorette of attend the bachelor party. I don’t know the groom, nor do I any of his friends. So I decided the to attend the former. But my decision wasn’t entirely based on my comfort level with the bride; the decision came down more to the events. Attend the bachelorette party with a bunch of girls at a burlesque show, or take part in an American “bro-bonding” past time, paintball. Needless to say, at least for all who know me, the burlesque show appealed to me approximately 100% more than bonding with “bros” shooting paint at each other.

My wise choice allowed me to see first hand how exactly these bachelorette parties go about. I can honestly say that women are far wilder than men. There is no competition when it comes down to which party parties more. For centuries men have been accused of throwing hedonistic bachelor parties where anything that can happen will happen. This belief cannot possibly be farther from the truth when compared to the bachelorette party.

This is what happens at bachelor parties; everyone starts off incredibly excited and wired, then as time passes in the night, the energy declines rapidly and comes to a lame stop before midnight. Now bachelorette parties exceed all expectations. Women go insane at these things. And I think I fell in love with a burlesque dancer, seriously I can’t get her out of my mind! The other brilliant part of being a man and attending a bachelorette party is how the women, not just of the party, but all the women everywhere will adore and throw themselves at you.

All that being said and done, I’m proud of the fact that I am able to awaken without feeling sick with a hangover, making myself sound of mind and body to write this weekend’s Sexxy Saturday Cumbia!

This past week we published several brilliant Cumbia tracks here on Generation Bass. To quickly recap, let us start with Masilva and DJ Chakruna. Masilva alone is already great, but when one of my personal favorite DJ’s remixes one of his songs, it brings the song to a new level. Not necessarily a higher level but a level equal in height and parallel in dopeness.

Another from this past week comes by way of the future legend The Peronists. The Peronists perhaps is the only producer that can make me enjoy a Drake tune. And that is exactly what he did.

As some of you may know, Freak Castro of Wakale Records had some of the best producers to come remix the song Bicho Bolita. I have two of the remixes here for you.

First off is the always impeccable Captain Cumbia with his complete re-work, meaning he played bass, keys, guitars and of course provided vocals, the Captain way.

Relo, our friend at Sub Klub Records provided his own completely different take on it as well.

Qechuaboi makes another appearance here this week with a sick little edit of None Shall Pass by Aesop Rock. This song set itself up naturally for a Cumbia edit.

Cumbia Drive has equipped me with several excellent edits of popular music for the dance floor. And every time I drop in a Cumbia Drive jam, the crowd goes nuts.

This time they lend their skills to Bomba Estereo on their song Caribbean Power for a contest. Out of respect for all entries I won’t choose favorites by linking you to vote for their remix. I hope all who reads this understands. But I do really love Cumbia Drive’s remix a lot! So here it is.

It’s been a couple months at least since I last shared anything by Oye! Simpson here on SSC. So now I bring him back with his all new catchy Cumbia piece Chicha-Chona.

Petardo Peru skillfully and pleasantly weaves in and out his new mix with Cumbia, Reggae and Dancehall. He makes it seem effortless and natural. These genres do lend themselves to mix well together.

DAncehall inna cumbia dub by Petardo Peru on Mixcloud

This isn’t entirely a Cumbia mixtape, actually it has very little Cumbia in it. But I justify sharing it here because it has just enough Cumbia. With that justification I can proudly present to you Sonidos Profundos awesome Tropical Bass mixtape. With plenty of Moombah, all things “thon”, a bit of Cumbia and even a bit of Trap. This mixtape is dope and needs to be listened to.

If I’m not mistaken, I believe this next tune comes from the DJ once before known as DJ Erick. I was searching for him about three weeks ago and couldn’t find him on SoundCloud. Then earlier this week Erick Jaimez appeared and I heard this very dope Celso Pina Cumbia-House track.

Check this dude out, Deela. He dropped his new LP Ritmo De Las Calaveras recently. What one finds on the LP is older Colombian Cumbia mashed with Hip Hop beats and modern sound effect flavors. It’s free to download as well, so definitely grab it while you still can because all of these tracks are perfect for live mixing.

To round off this week’s SSC I’d like to introduce a new Cumbia mix show called Yo Me Llamo Cumbia. There is only episode nine and ten online at the current moment. It’s definitely worth your time to check out.

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