I’m bringing over a few posts I had written in the past. I’m choosing ones that are still relevant and are also posts that I feel strongly about. One being this Klezmer post featuring Captain Cumbia’s Klezmer band he has with his brother, Le Freylekh Trio. Here is the original post I wrote for The Global Bass Experience.

This is a special mix I (El Guero Unico) made of my friend Captain Cumbia’s other project, a punky jazz Klezmer band called Freylekh Trio. This album originally came out in 2009. It is the band’s third album and on this one they are joined by Goulash System.

Le Freylekh Trio is comprised of Jacques Gandard on violin, Toma Feterman de “La Caravane Passe on guitar and his brother David aka Captain Cumbia on double bass. On this album they feature Erika Serre on vocals, Yom on clarinet, Tim Sparks on guitar (of Tzadik Records), Florin Gugulica on clarinet, Jaško Ramic on accordion and Kayou Noubomon on tenor sax.

I was inspired by their music to make a mix of a few selected tracks. I mixed in and out of songs in a way to make the music non-stop with mashing a few tracks together at times. It is a bit difficult to explain what I mean but if you listen to the album you’ll get an idea of what I am talking about (as far as how I mashed and mixed).

I know and love Klezmer. It is a part of my heritage as it is for Captain Cumbia. It is something we have in common, two Jews into cumbia… Though I unfortunately do not know enough. And definitely nowhere near as much as the Captain. In the United States to experience Klezmer one must attend Jewish weddings or seek it out in New York. The scarcity of the brilliant music here hinders my awareness of a lot of the modern Klezmer bands today. So it is a special honor for me to share this mix with all of you and for me to show respect to my good friend, Captain Cumbia.

I implore you to check out the rest of their songs and other two albums, and you can do so by visiting their official site .

Le Freylekh Trio Feat. Goulash System – The Global Bass Experience Mix by The Global Bass Experience on Mixcloud

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