1. Caratula Front

The musical journeys do not stop if anything they encourage you to dance. The proposal tonight is dancing with classic salsa, to move to the sound of metals and piano.

In these two hours we will hear artists and songs from the hard salsa that reigned in the 70s and never went out of fashion. In the first hour we will hear one mixtape sent from Medellin (Colombia) called “The hour of salsa” made by ‘Dmoe’ he is a collector, DJ, tournamesista & Beatmaker, influenced by rhythms of cultural and musical content such as jazz, funk, salsa, Hip Hop 80’s – 90’s, experimental, among many other genres.

Within his selection we have great exponents like Joe Cuba, Willie Colon, Mon Rivera, Tito Puente, Noro Morales, among others.

And for the second time we keep putting flavor to the night with more salsa, another classic tropical mixtape and dancers, Willie Rosario, Celia Cruz, Ismael Rivera, also around Larry Harlow and more guests.

Junio 22 – 2013 ¡Saaalsaaaa para arrebatar! by Tropicaneando Con Paola on Mixcloud

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