An interesting pair of artists joined forces for an interesting and melodically beautiful yet minimalist EP. The two artists being none other than the lovely Piska Power and the positively restless imagineer Sigsonbia.

Jetstream as a title in itself, makes me think of blue skies on a cloudless sky, during moments when everything seems pleasant and right in the world. The music found on the EP supplements such peaceful imaginings. The melodies are repetitive and minimal, which point to Brian Eno as possibly being a grand influence. Such an influence as Eno is wise to have if you wish to be on my radar. The use of sound effects like birds chirping on Onsaer and its remix – or re-work rather – by Sigsonbia, effectively fill the sound up texturally, and help further my blue sky and peaceful world imaginings.

Sueño, followed by Sigsonbia’s version, utilize Digital Cumbia in a way I haven’t quite heard it utilized before, and of course I mean this in a most complimentary way. Both the first by Piska Power and the following Sigsonbia version much to my satisfaction reinforce my belief that Digital Cumbia will both never cease to be popularly produced as well as continue to evolve and progress in innovative ways of which I cannot possibly foresee.

If Soundcloud is more to your liking for your means of listening, then please feel free to do so with the player below. (However to download the EP you will be redirected to Bandcamp)

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