This is too dope to not be number one on the Billboard best music ever list, that doesn’t exist and shouldn’t exist because Billboard judges based on sales and other nonsense. However for El Guero Unico’s top list of best music ever, Black Mandingo’s remix of Brujjas Deejay and Hanna Shinohara’s Pig Station is in the top 40 for sure.

When Pig Station first dropped online last year I was immediately blown away. It was my introduction to the impeccable flow and lyrics of Hanna Shinohara together with Brujjas Deejay’s production skills. Since then I have been one of their biggest fans and supporters. Black Mandingo also rolls with the same Sub Klub Records crowd and contributes some of the best remixes on the Digital Cumbia planet.

Basically let us put it this way. Lord Vader pointed out that he found Nu Cumbia’s lack of funk to be disturbing.


So Black Mandingo gave him something to restore his faith in us. Thank you Black Mandingo and thank you as always Lord Vader!

And for the original, which is also incredibly edible-y dope!

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