With less than twenty seven hours left La Misa Negra is barely short of their six-thousand dollar goal to finish producing their debut album. La Misa Negra is a serious Cumbia band, who brings various styles of Cumbia onto the stage with live instrumentation and original music.

I have been in my fair share of bands and know how much work goes into just getting a gig alone with your own music. Not to mention – though I am anyway – writing and practicing your own original music with several musicians takes a lot of time, much more time than any average electronic music producer. In short, being in a band is A LOT of work. Recording a band is also a big time consuming, and money consuming venture like no other.

Please help if you can! Make their album completion a reality. These are good friends of the Cumbia community and are serious about what they do. Their debut album MISA DE MEDIANOCHE will be a sure success and  this is a last push effort.


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