I can recognize a Kosta Kostov song within a half of a second of listening to it. His use of accordion as a rhythmic instrument along with it also carrying the melody is distinctly Kosta Kostov. That technique is just the beginning of what makes Kosta Kostov so interesting. His music is actually quite diverse and in my opinion, an opinion I seem to share with a vast amount of other people, his music is innovative, fun and always superbly produced.

Kosta Kostov as usual does not appear here alone. This time he is with Jean Felix on vocals with their song DJIGGIT FLOW (looks better in caps, I attempted a more proper traditional capitalization at first, and it ultimately lost out to complete capitalization as you can see).

This song does not only appear here as a Soundcloud track for your listening pleasure, it has an accompanying music video well worth your time. Returning once again to the helm is the brilliant Der Englaender, who also makes an appearance in the video much to my enjoyment, as the character most appropriately named “The Englishman.”

When Der Englaender and Kosta Kostov work together, imaginative sparks of creativity follow.

The song is also available as a free download if you click this blue line!

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