I might be a little late on this, but just by a couple of months. And as we say, better late than never. In my defense, I just recently found out about this incredibly brilliant artist. Lee Bannon is his name, he’s from Sacramento, California and he produces some of the most powerfully dark yet mesmerizingly beautiful music I’ve ever come across.

Two months ago he released his beyond excellent album Never/Mind/The/Darkness/Of/It… The best way to listen to this album is to turn the lights down low and turn up the audio on some good monitors and let the music take you away. Therefore the best way to listen to this album is to experience it.

The soundscapes are minimal in nature but with every textural sound there is a dopamine release that will flood your frontal lobe sending you into a state of euphoria better than any oral opiate could hope to perform effectively.

To supplement the album Lee Bannon released an even more recent track more along the lines of Jungle but with his ambient sonic touches. The new track is called NW/WB (NEWWEB).

Download NW/WB for free here!

Now seriously turn all the lights off. Turn up the speakers. Watch this video in full screen for the full experience.

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