A very interesting, dark at times, beautiful at times and mesmerizing album throughout comes our way by Warm Places.

Based out of sunny Tijuana, Mexico, a truly warm place except for all the dark things that happen there, Warm Places combines several genres into his own unique sound. The rhythms change up unexpectedly while very well thought out percussion drives the gorgeous melodies and haunting lyrics on the new album Palacios.

Aspects of house meet with Gothic beauty at the helm of Palacios. This album will take you on a pleasant trip into electronica, a heavenly trip to be more descriptive. I was pleasantly acquainted with this album. There are some really excellent tracks on here. One track in particular stands out to me, it’s titled Skinny Feels. This song rivals anything MGMT and similar bands have put out in recent years. Skinny Feels honestly deserves mainstream radio play, where I know it would be a massive hit.

Well consider us fortunate here at Generation Bass for us to be able to expose Warm Places new album. I am sure I will continue to follow Warm Places in the years to come. I won’t be surprised to one day hear something from this genius act on the radio, or see at festivals.

Enjoy, and enjoy how lucky you are to download it for free!

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