Pedrolito Radioglobal is a staple in the modern tropical underground scene in Paris. I have featured a lot of his mixes on several of my Sexxy Saturday Cumbia posts as well as a few other places. I wouldn’t spend so much time and effort promoting someone if I truly didn’t think they were great. And Pedrolito is just that, he’s great.

He digs deep into the Internet clouds among other places to find the best Tropical Bass and Cumbia tracks in the underground. He is one of the best curators of this world and therefore makes him a good and very necessary friend for me.

His series of mixtapes titled Tropicalizacion are some of the best mixes out there. I wish now to point to his latest mixtape Tropicalizacion #26. This mixtape is seriously bangin from beginning to end. Pedrolito fills it up with dope tracks meant for the sweaty humid summer nights in Paris where he resides. However don’t limit playing this mixtape to just Paris, this will work anywhere there are Tropical Bass freaks itching to get their booty shakin fix.

Tropicalizacion #26 by Pedrolito Radioglobal on Mixcloud

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