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Music the great opiate of the masses. It’s such a serious love affair, people defend the music they enjoy and fight over cultural ownership. Yes when you sit back and look at it, it just appears to be another silly human species delusion we take far too seriously.

Africa owns this sound wave, but Mississippi owns this frequency. Anything at that frequency must acknowledge that Mississippi – the most fun of all states to spell out – owns it. You might wonder what the hell it is I’m going on about. Well at the same time I wonder what the hell it is you’re going on about.

Cumbia started in Colombia, but due to Africans and the natives and their music is due to the aliens and their contribution to music belongs to the cosmos. Can’t we just all agree that music in all its forms comes from and therefore never leaves the cosmos? I can.

This week’s Cumbia Cosmica on my beloved Sexxy Saturday Cumbia will be sure to delight your senses regardless what you believe.

Once again Piper Street Sound provides us with a mixtape of the downloadable tracks from this weekend!

Our boy Tribilin Sound returns with another dope rework bringing his national Peruvian Chicha roots into the 21st Century. He does so beautifully with this oldie.

Arturo Herrera DJ takes us a carnival mind trio with his new piece Cumbia De Las Caricaturas.

This next one is pretty dope. I honestly have to admit to never having heard the original version of this song but Steve Tellco has peaked my interest to dig for it.

I have heard the original of this next remix and it’s pretty dope on its own as a Spanish Rap song. Turbo Sonidero Futuristico however Cumbiafies it up for us so we can have it on here.

What isn’t good about it is that I can’t copy the code to have it here. But I can post the original and below it a link to Turbo Sonidero’s version.


We no enter the video block. This weekend I have a few videos to share with all of you so it deserves its own block.

First up is Oakland, California’s own Cumbia band Candelaria with their excellent new video for Ay Mama, featuring live footage of them performing.

Next up is the exciting vibrant new video for Masilva’s song Mototaxi Love off of his album Condor.

Oscilador Bass is one of those eccentric characters necessary to bring an interesting stage performance for club goers to observe as releases the music upon them. He puts a lot of work into his character design and performance set up. More should follow in his footsteps as I predict the time of starting at DJ’s with drinks in your hand is soon to be a thing of the past – and rightfully so I say.

Oscilador Bass XV aniversario from Oscilador Bass on Vimeo.

Dengue Dengue Dengue also is an excellent musical duo (trio if you count the brilliant VJ Sixta) to observe and learn from. They just dropped a new music video, which at first glance one might think that it is just made up of stock footage. This is not the case however. The directors Mikael Stornfelt and Piero Varda planned this brilliant spectacle, with actresses and all. This cool video is for their song Chichón.

Also freshly dropped online is the video for Black Mandingo’s insanely dope remix of Brujjas Deejay and Hanna Shinohara’s Pig Station from the album Maestros De Ceremonia.

Cassette Blog took on the new Cumbia project R.C.A. for a special EP release. These guys started working fast and managed to get a pretty well made EP out rather quickly.

Some unique funky Hip Hop Cumbia straight out of Mexico comes this week from Exta-Machine Mx with his dope track A Lo Mexicano. This track hits hard.

Alqosubbass is someone to look out for. This guy brings some very interesting Digital Cumbia projects to the table. This newer one is quite mesmerizing as it gets into my brain and takes over.

Ending this week on a high note, I do so with this sick Cumbia Hip Hop courtesy of jallallalacumbia with Cumbia del Genio.

I’m going to end it there. I don’t want to scare or spoil you with too many goodies. This should suffice very well for your play lists this week.

Until next time mis Cumbieros!


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