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When I started getting interested in DJ Culture, David Bowie’s once favourite DJ, Pathaan, was defintely one that I had on my radar.

He was the only high profile British-Asian DJ around at that time and maybe still is and also he had good diverse and eclectic tastes, that sometimes mirrored much of my own.

Both of us were resident at Supperclub London when it first opened up a few years back but I left after about a year as I could no longer hack the 5 hour round trip from my Birmingham home and also I felt that the music policy was no longer quite to my prevailing tastes at that time.

I always looked up to Pathaan and really admire what he has done and achieved.  Most of you also won’t know that before Diplo & Major Lazer, Pathaan was actually Switch’s main producer/DJ partner.

Pathaan has just let loose on what I consider to be one of his finest mixtapes, the one that he did for the Supperclub some years back.  The Dutch label, who incidentally recommended me to London Supperclub, sadly went bust in or about 2011 and thus their catalogue is short in supply or hard to get hold of now.  This is a mix from that catalogue.

This is a great mix and perfectly showcases why Pathaan has always been considered a superior taste-maker.

Grab it from here:


Here’s the PR:

Following on from ‘Arrogance’ and ‘Addiction’, Supperclub ‘Beauty’ is the third offering in the Amsterdam institution’s Nine Sins series. Each album is a collaboration between international DJs and rising new artistic talent, here represented by Pathaan and Neil Duerden respectively.

Pathaan is a London based DJ / producer / taste maker / label manager (Stoned Asia) and BBC Radio disc jockey who’s Indian/Pakistani roots influence his multi-genre, “outernational” musical sound. His first break came in 1996 when David Bowie heard him play and immediately offered him the support slot on his ‘Earthling Tour’, a residency at the Blue Note Café, courtesy of Talvin Singh, followed and ever since Pathaan has been globetrotting both physically and musically, entertaining crowds the world over.

For ‘Supperclub Beauty’ Pathaan has delivered a two CD mix of global bombs. CD one has a warm, profoundly deep feeling. From the first notes, the music touches you and makes you want to listen to the whole album in one go, like a good book that you simply cannot put aside. Chilled favourites Pan Electric, Bardo State and Tripswitch are all present and correct across the fifteen tracks of blissed-out beats.

On CD two Pathaan was given a blank canvas on which anything goes! He went flat out and the result is a unique mix including the dance-tinged world offerings of Trans-Global Underground; Los Chicharrons Latin infused electronica and Gui Boratto’s minimalist interpretations on ‘Beautiful Life’. Taking in world music, chill-out, ambient, breakbeat and tech-trance the second CD takes you on a journey to unknown destinations – as far as your mind will allow you to travel.

Artist Neil Duerden is a self confessed mac-monkey based near Manchester, whose previous clients have included Saatchi & Saatchi, Gucci, MTV, Chanel and Nike. His illustrations are a complex combination of hand-rendered elements from mixed media and photography, containing many layers. When looking at the work of art he made for ‘Supperclub Beauty’, the first reaction is curiosity and interest: we see a beautiful model in a beautiful surrounding, but when you look closer the secondary imagery comes into play: the demonic wings that have started to form, her red eyes, the insecure pose, all offer a juxtaposition to the beautiful theme. It is all about inner beauty versus outer beauty. In a world of total digital control and retouch artists, beauty in today’s age is not even skin-deep.


CD One:
1. Winona – The White Room
2. Donso – Waati
3. David Lowe’s Dreamcatcher – Inside
4. Jong – Conversation Celeste
5. Pan Electric – Sheshamani Shuffle
6. Tripswitch – Tachyon (Codemonkey’s Cosmic Rumba Remix)
7. Francesco Tristano – The Melody (c2 Remix)
8. Lanoiraude feat Fania – Mbife
9. Octogen – Sunset Over Tao
10. Bardo State – Seneca (Pathaan’s Dirty Dancer Mix)
11. Vieux Farka Toure – Ana (Goonda Tribal Dub)
12. Nacho Sotomayor – Wonderful Moments
13. Ganga – 1000 Years Old
14. Al-Pha-X – The Oddity Interval (Mad Mix)
15. Blue States – Allies
CD Two:
1. DJ Disse – Break On Through
2. Trans-Global Underground – Emotional Yoyo
3. Los Chicharrons – Ma Do Nar (Remix)
4. The Beat Nation feat Cheb Hamid – Mektoub
5. Munty – Delhi To Detroit
6. Anil Chawla & Dale Anderson – Table 5
7. Aurtas – Strange World Pt. 1
8. Roland Klinkenberg – Mexico Can Wait
9. J Hazen – 700ft (Beta Remix)
10. Gui Boratto – Beautiful Life
11. Paul Leonard-Morgan – Seen From The Outside
12. Redlounge Orchestra – Aerer
13. Red Seal – Cool Down
14. Kenneth Bager feat Julee Cruise – Fragment Seven…Les Fleurs

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