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This morning my mind was wandering from one thing to another, politics, music, girlfriends, bad reputation of French people – i was reading one of the Fables comics in the train. One short moment is set in Paris and there’s a memorable line pronounced by one of the characters : « i don’t like people who makes ungratefulness the cornerstone of their national pride » – that’s my quick unaccurate translation. Surely because i was half asleep and my mind was dizzy, some of the past conversations i had with my friends were popping up like this one : should democracy be the tyranny of the masses ? Could it be possible as we people are too lazy to enforce our rights ? Participative democracy which should sound to some of you as a redundancy was something promoted by some candidates to party elections and is something that is not working in our country as it seems people are too easily distracted from their duties and find fairly comfortable to delegate their future to a few chosen ones who they will applaude or disgrace depending on random factors such as the weather, the time of the day, football results and many more…
in that chaos of thoughts emerged from time to time music bits, the Denver Nights Vol.1 comp released for free end of January… and it includes tracks from great artists such as Makina and El Buho. There was also Jonas Mantey‘s Traumtänzer track which was quite right for the moody season…

It’s funny that the change in my musical taste happened to be so dramatic, one listening to Lofticries from Purity Rings and my whole moombah tropical clubbing setlist disappeared to the benefit of #seapunk, ambient sounds, i don’t know if it has to do with the quality or because it’s new to me, surely both reasons. The fact that most tracks don’t have a boosted bpm requires the producers to be very careful about elements such as place in space and depth and amplitude of the sounds. I definitely love these big atmospheres with wide spectrum synths, floating voices, it works great especially with remixes of Britpop bands, British singers have this great quality of really making the time they need to let their singing reach its climax and pause…
Bambi HQ – All Along (DFRNT Remix)

As i’ve been now working for a few hours while writing at the same time these few lines (and listening to music and watching great videos!)

I also got stuck onto Phedre‘s In Decay video.

Phedre is a mysterious trio possibly from Canada who produced a lovely album last year and whose track In Decay, the one from the video has been featured in the TV series Hemlock Grove. It’s interesting to see that this band is certainly worth a lot more than for example guys like Daft Punk and if you wanted to jam onto the musical revelation in nu disco/electro it happened last year (feel free to be offended by this statement). If you miss the warmth of your college years, the light moments, the mild chaos of your parties that’s the thing you need. Their album released on Daps Records is available on Bandcamp, you can pay whatever you want to get it, so no excuse !

They released also a new track a few days ago on their SC. It’s rock and noisy, reminds me of some surfbands. Cool stuff !
Phedre – Cocoon

Another revelation of last year would be Lorde, young New-Zealand artist Ella Yelich-O’Connor, impressed me with a Love Club EP composed in collaboration with Joel Little. I would not say that i fancy all the tracks. I think honestly some sound a bit « greenish », too close to teenage stuff, but Royals and The Love Club simply mesmerized me by the quality of the singing, the solid arrangements, the light sensation it spreads around you, floating on the surface of the music waves, managing to be modest, simple and ambitious at the same time.
Her new release Tennis Court EP is expected end of July this year and i’m really looking forward to hearing it !

The Love Club – Lorde

But i guess you want even fresher stuff. So let’s work that out !
Do you know XXStunned Tomcat ? !! « Bedroom producer », as he calls himself, Pierre-Emmanuel Récio from France, fits my definition of biutiful music. Dense but floating, somewhere mid-air layers of sounds with an atmospheric beat and ghostly vocals, his music was released on a « Pay what you want » 7-track album on Bandcamp called Endless Day.

Supported by Sun Glitters and backed by Moose Records – his track Inside appears on the Moosetape #2 -, his name will certainly be often mentioned among the ambient, #seapunk best producers.
And then the new Koda track, like a majestic bird, landed and gently nested into my playlist.

Time stopped for a while, the walls of my office disappeared and gave way to wide landscapes of shades and colors.
Take more time to listen to the track Waking in collaboration with Bijou. Breathtaking would be the word to define it…

That’s it for this one, shorter than usual i know ! All apologies ! But ok here a last biutiful one. Fully ambient, dazzling, White Sun, live edited by Scann-Tec on the label Ultimae Records (where you can also find the Swedish Carbon-Based Lifeforms)

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