In the first hour we will have two mixtapes with classic Colombian cumbia and Peruvian chicha.

Thanks to our friend Ebiru Ojaba from Colombia, we can share this mixtape of cumbias from space, which is a work from the musician “barranquillero” Juancho Vargas produced in 1965 by Sonolux records (Antioquia, Colombia) by order of RCA Victor. Juancho Vargas takes typical songs from the Latin American repertoire and transforms them into Cumbias with Jazz arrangements. The Cumbias from Space are unique and quirky work in the panorama of Cumbia and some feel that this album is one of the first jazz recordings produced in Colombia. Today master Juancho Vargas lives in Medellin where he works on several projects of symphony music.

The second mixtape from Peru with the 10 best songs of the double LP containing 23 of the best songs of The Roots of Chicha volume 1 and 2. Includes a pair of gems like “La marihuana no”, “Los Destellos” and “Chinito Bailarin” by Maximiliano Chavez Los Orientales de Paramonga. All radio ads are by the legendary Ranil and are still used in their radio station.

In the second hour we move forward in time by listening to DJ friends from around the world who will give us a tour of different mixes of Cumbia, Salsa and Champeta. Some of the guests are John Native, Freak Castro, Meistro Sun Power Remix, Marko Zalazar, among others.

Junio 29 – 2013 Cumbia, chicha y descontrol by Tropicaneando Con Paola on Mixcloud

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