Day 4 of Zouk Bass week and we have an awesome free 4 track Zouk Bass EP to give away from one of the rising bright stars from the Argentinian Bass scene, Reptilian Commander.

Reptilian Commander creates his own unique ID within the Zouk Bass scene with this EP. He creates a kind of Future Zouk or Sci-Fi Space Zouk.

Listening to this EP is a bit like being in Africa at some time way into the future , like in 2090! He has called the EP “Zouk Nebula” but “Bladerunner Zouk Bass” might have been an apt alternative title too. His sonic space-age excursions draw parallels with work by other artists also into the “space” sound.  Oktored went all “space” with Moombahton as did Starkey with Dubstep/Street Bass.  I guess this EP is the Zouk Bass equivalent of that kind of sound.

This is a great EP and we’re proud to be presenting it to you for free.  So get in your space shuttle and be ready to move into the future Sci Fi Zouk Space Bass stylee.

Bret Alexander Schvarztman aka. Reptilian Commander, war born on March 6, 1989 in Miami, Florida (USA) and settled in Buenos Aires (Argentina), he is a multi-instrumentalist musician, Global Bass producer and DJ  with an unique and unusual style. He captures us with heated rhythms, mesmerizing melodies and atmospheres and textures that  abduct  us to the ends of the cosmos.

His passion for music started at the early age of four, composing small pieces on piano at self-taught way. At the age of twelve he was a member of the Bagpipe Band of “GalicianCenter of Buenos Aires”. He was also guitarist for alternative rock band “Southsense” ( with whom he released the EP “Time Well Spent” still available for download from the Web, until to establish itself now as a producer and Dj.

His productions are the result of experimentation and fusion of electronic music genres such as Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Glitch, IDM, Moombahton, giving to it a little taste and a pinch of spicy with Latin rhythms like Cumbia, Reggaeton, and the constant exploration of new sounds, of which also comprises his Dj live set, always trying to keep up.

In March 2013 Reptilian Commander released her first EP by the Net Label of Global Bass “Le Ronca Records” which consists of four original productions ranging from Moombahton and digital cumbia, and two remixes by the producer Tropikore (Venezuela) and Oye!Simpson (USA).

He also is part of the electronic dance band “Pimentón” that recently released their EP “Electrocachengue” available for free download from Bandcamp (, in which tracks have participated producers like Tropikore, El Remolón and El Mayonesa.



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