I’m excited and grateful for my new friend, introduced to me by my good friend Maximilian Becker of Los Chicos Altos, Idan K. or if you prefer to have difficulty speaking, Idan Kuperferberg.

Idan is a multi-instrumentalist though primarily percussionist of various Israeli based music projects. For almost two decades he has collaborated with many top international talents while leading his own percussion ensemble.

So far from what I have heard of Idan’s percussion skills, they are intense and have that certain quality that immediately get one up off their ass to dance. To describe his sound with one or two words proves to be rather difficult for me. There is Afro-beat, Malian, various Latin rhythms in the mix along with Middle Eastern, Dub and Funk. No matter what I attempt to describe it as, I’ll never do it justice, though based on my lack of description abilities for Idan, one can only anticipate greatness with a plethora of influences.

He has a couple of current projects he has been working on lately. One is a position in the band called George And The Good Vibes, a ten member brilliant horn section, a drummer, two percussionists, a bass player and a keyboard player. This band is truly remarkable and also makes it quite difficulty to describe with words, however I shall try to anyway. Latin, Middle Eastern, Funk, Jazz, Soul and passionate energy flood through my speakers and into my ear holes (not sure which holes it all comes out of, so I implore one to use one’s imagination if one feels so inclined – one).

Here is their last album to be released just released last week. It is as I say beyond excellent and one of my favorite finds of the year so far.

Rhythm section –  Idan Carmeli (drums), Idan K & Chen “pepe” Meir (percussion)
Ben Danzig (bass)
Adi Hillel (guitar)
Ido Zeleznic & Gilad Jacobson (keys),
Horn section: Adir Kochavi & Arthur Krasnobaev (Tpr), Matan Maman & Yonatan voltzok (trb), Matan Maman , Yonatan voltzok
Ilan Arad (Alt & Flute ) , Roy Rabinowitzy (Alt & Tenor ) , Gal Dahan (Tenor & Bari ) and of course, band leader Tomer George Cohen (Tenor , Alt , Sopran , Clarinet ,composer , arranger)

The other project Idan is currently working with is his own called Idan K And The Movement Of Rhythm. To read and hear more about them, click on their name!

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