First up this week is a sweet deep trip into the heart Cumbia darkness.  ZZK Records (pr. zizek) based in Buenos Aires is probably world’s most well known label for all things new and fresh in Electronic Cumbia.  This mix compiled by DJ Nim (one of the founders of ZZK) is all made up of tracks released on ZZK and all DOPE!  Get down widdit!!!

Next up is a fun and funky tropical mix for Etoro Records by London based Subculture Sounds.  This one goes all over the place but generally with a heavy Caribbean sound.  I really enjoyed the tempo and overall vibe of this one, perfect for a wild night out on the town!

And last but not least we have another fun eclectic mix from La Selva Radio aka The Silly Tang.  This one has some kinda predictable joints in the beginning but finishes strong with some heavy jams and remixes that were new to me.  Go all the way through with it, it BANGS!

thats it for this week as always you can hit me on the twit –






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