ZB VOL I Comp part 2pink

So the final day of Zouk Bass week and what a treat we have in store to end this awesome week, Volume 2 of the Zouk Bass Compilation and it’s freee!

Volume 1 went down a storm, so much so that it crashed the server and we had to change download links 3 times but we won’t let that happen with Volume 2, we hope, fingers crossed.

Volume 2 has 17 tracks.  14 of the tracks are either originals or official remixes and only 3 are edits or bootlegs! 6 tracks are previously unreleased.  The tracks are made up of what we believe to be the very best so far to have come out in the few months that Zouk Bass has been alive.

We hope you enjoy it as much as the first one.

Over to Zouk Bass TV aka Filipe:

As most of you know, since those epic 15 mins of Buraka Som Sistema´s Boiler Room set back in February 2013, interest in these new words “Zouk Bass” started to spread fast over the internet.

In effect, ZB helped to gain new interest for the existing subgenres of Tarraxinha, Tarraxo and Kizomba and has also helped to draw some deserved attention to some of the main players in those scenes.

Blogs started to cover this new scene and a multitiude of new tracks have come out. Blogs have also tried to give it some context with history lessons and some education on how ZB has come about.

Generation Bass, Zouk Bass TV and Latino Resiste have been at the forefront of this fast new moving scene and have come together to put together this 2 volume compilation, which features over 30 of the most significant tracks that have come out since February 2013.

These compilations feature amazing artists like Buraka Som Sistema, DZC Crew, Paparazzi, Mestah, Sabbo, Riot, Marfox, JSTJR, Hataah, Two Sev, Banginclude, KJs, Fellow and many others who have given their contributions to the movement and their works speak for themselves.

There is also a number of unreleased works on these compilations from the likes of Stas & JSTJR, Banginclude, Toxic Bungula, DJ Marfox and some others.

The 2 compilations drop this week during the Second Zouk Bass week (which was initially created by us here at Generation Bass). Now GB are joined by Zouk Bass TV and Latino Resiste to make the party even bigger and bolder.

Here’s a couple of links to follow to enable you to learn more about this exciting new scene:

Generation Bass


Tropical Bass

ZB tracklist Vol 2

Grab the free compilation here:


Compiled by Generation Bass, ZoukBass Tv & Latino Resiste.

Sequenced by UMB – Generation Bass
Artwork by Caballo – Latino Resiste
Text by Filip Ribeiro – ZoukBass TV
Mastered by JSTJR

Thank You to all the Artists for the great music.


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