I’m going to finish Zouk Bass the way I started it, with a track from the unstoppable DZC Crew.

Except I am going to do it with one bi gdifference to the way I started the week, this is not a new track….REWIND…..back to 10 year ago, yes I said TEN and let’s travel back to 2003!

This is Tarraxinha production from DZC Crew from 2003 and here’s what DJ 2Pekes says about it:

“…..Who Wants to ear some Tarraxinha Shit Back in the days in 2003 produced by DZC 2pekes & DZC Matabaya?? just edited the bpm from 73 to 80 😀 when we do this we were trying to do a kizomba beat but more slowed 😀 i think this was the first slowed beat project DZC made since now…we have more hidden tracks but i think they would need some edition to be in condicions to put the zoukbassers earing some old DZC Stuff…….”

These dudes have been at it for a long time and that should inspire all of the young producers out there never to stop because one day your lucky break might just arrive.  I hope DZC Crew’s lucky break arrives this year!

There could be no better way to end the week than with this lil’ beauty trhat goes straight to the heart and roots to what Zouk Bass is really all about:

DZC Deejays – Sunrise(Tarraxinha 2003)

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