DJ Click just released this special collection with Rona Hartner, comprised of a lot of his productions over the past few years. It is a double CD that also comes with an immediate download of the 14 tracks on  the first CD.

This collection comes with remastering, a remix by Shantel, Gaetano Fabri and an unreleased instrumental, dub, club version.

Here is a little, or rather a lot more information about the release I copied from the Bandcamp release…

This audio « UFO » shook genres and musical borders upon its release in 2005. Dj Click, as an adventuresome alchemist and pioneer, invented a new style and created a movement electro gypsy, better known nowdays as “Balkan Beats”. Many tracks were released on prestigious compilations and appeared on movie soundtracks like “Children of Men” directed by Alfonso Cuaron, and “Auf der anderen Seite” / “Yaşamın Kıyısında” directed by Fatih Akin.

The idea of producing a “folklorotronic” album took place after meeting Rona Hartner and thereafter Dj Click went to Bucharest on 2002 to find inspired feelings and urban sounds: streets and subways, shopping markets, old vinyls..
Back in the studio, the influences take shape and he builds the programming mixing dark and cold winter melodies to Rona’s heating voice and personality, and offering her the perfect audio part : compositions and adaptations from traditional tracks (Maria Tănase), child songs inspirations, everyday life scenes simulation…
To provide the authentic background to the album, Click records with French musicians (UHT°) and gipsy maestro from Bacău (Tziganiada), whose influences shape the meeting of traditional folklore with modern beats, creating a unique and original genre of sound.

The album progresses like a dramatic script with tragic and happy moments. Imagine the scene… A little girl walking in a Romanian city. She sells in the markets old empty collected bottles Sticle Goale, like her ancestors before her. 10 years later she’s back, in love with her Uhai Bade : an envious and secret love edning in his betrayal and her curses! Yet for a whole month O Lunã Întreaga they were lovers. To be guided she hands over her God Devla. And to OMI her residence permit … When he turns back to be forgiven with a ring Inel Inel de Aur, she cannot resist. After collecting money in the Statii Metrou they plan to get married. There is only one way to party : Of Of Of ! drink some wine ! Crazy lovers Dili Dilo cherish and celebrate life and the World Soro Lume listening to old vinyls St Epe. They feast, perform and sing until the early hours of the night Vasalache..

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