It is still Sunday afternoon where I am located on the planet we all share – I use the word “share” loosely because obviously we are forced to share it, we don’t do it very willingly. And a the feeling of a Sunday afternoon (in a non-wartorn country) equates to laziness and relaxation. If it’s Monday morning or afternoon when you are visiting this post then just pretend with me for the next few lovely moments.

I find London Grammar to be extremely fitting for this time of day. With all due respect to The Oxford English Dictionary I however am not referring to its fine collection but am referring to the musical group.

About two weeks ago they released their EP for their gorgeous and moving song, Wasting My Young Years. It consists of the original track a four remixes. Below is the brilliantly melancholic video and below that is the Soundcloud stream.


The loveliness doesn’t end here. I also have their newest single Strong, which will be coming out September 1st, 2013 on their debut LP. It would be a wise expectation to have for me to share and review the album this September shortly after its release.

Here is Strong, but if you would like to purchase their other EP’s including the one of Wasting My Young Years and its remixes, please visit their iTunes.

iTunes – Wasting My Young Years

iTunes – Metal & Dust

Without further ado here is Strong.

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