Cafe De Calaveras alongside Daboo takes us to a Balkan land with their new project Ima Dana / Hajmo EP. I’m used to Cumbia Bass music coming from Cafe De Calaveras, this time however it is more suited to be called a Balkan Bass excursion.

What we get with this EP is two songs and a plethora of dope remixes. First of course being Ima Dana followed by Hajmo. Reviewing the second song first, I find Hajmo to be a very interesting new take on modern Balkan music. The bass is fat and heavy and well incorporated into the track. The melody is catchy with lovely vocals featuring Ragna Bey. The horns are cleverly mixed as the main harmony and rhythm to the song. Hajmo definitely has something great going for it. I would love to see a music video to go along with it, one can only imagine how awesome that would be.

Ima Dana, the first track starts off with a crescendo combining the two step percussion into a house beat along with the catchy horns and vocals. The point where the song takes off is where I appreciate it most because it doesn’t rely on a “drop” to make it hit, instead it gradually increases in intensity.

Both tracks are definitely worthy of praise and thus I praise them both. The remixes run the gamut of Global Bass styles. From Kosta Kostov with his unique flavors to Solo Moderna and Rafael Aragon with their touches of modern Global Bass including Rafael’s glitch feel. Also with a remix is the always dope Add on de Bass with his heavy Bass hand with Super Stereo providing a House remix and Gaetano Fabri with a very interesting and rather dark remix.

Over all this is a sick EP worth checking out from some of the best in the Global Bass scene today.

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