The Free EP series continues with this superb Deep Moombahton track put together by 2 producers from opposite sides of the world, Argentina x Japan.

I haven’t heard a Moombahton track like this before and I could easily imagine something like this working at the summer parties in Ibiza and also appearing on a soundtrack to a Sci-Fi or Disaster movie.

I luv this, watch out for these dudes:

UKIYO is like Floating Style Moombahton Sound!!!

UKIYO is a new project of DJ Giankar from Argentina and LA STYLEZ aka Tomoki Hirata from Japan.



Artwork: Steve Ohh



Born in Buenos Aires of an Italian father and Argentine mother, then he lived in Rome and Paris in his late teens. He moved to London when he was 20, became vocalist of grunge punk band aka “Shambala Skin”, which released two albums. He became DJ inspired from his traveling in India several times in his late 20’s, also encountered electronic ethnic music, including Talvin Singh creator of innovative fusion of Indian classical music and D&B.

Lived during the summer in Ibiza island from 2000-2008 and was resident DJ of sunset bar “Kumharas”, his deep sounds becoming a trademark of the place, the highlight of which is the collaboration of nature and music. He also played regularly at the legendary “Sa Trinxa” beach bar and many other places. He has been playing all over the world since..

Definitely DJ GIANKAR is one of the greatest exponents of the chill-out movement in Ibiza island.


Tomoki Hirata is a dance music producer/ artist from Yokohama, Japan. He begins piano from early childhood, and in his school days, he was influenced of various Western music like Black music. Tomoki debuted as a composer in 1990, and carried out music work in early Japanese dance music scene .His turning point was having experienced the centre of club scene in London which was being frequently visited as support of DMC from 1992.

In 1993 of the next year, he recorded for the first time in UK, and released his 1st. single.He aimed at the activities in worldwide, and he moved to London from the autumn of 1995 after the preparation period. Since then, musical activities in UK over 10 years have started.

In UK music scene, Tomoki produces vocal house & UK garage music, released the first single in UK in 1993 “Shine On Me”, and then after that released 8 singles Especially, In his 1st. album “Egoist” (BMG Japan) released in 1996, He featured the well known singers of London of Angie Brown, Luciana & Nick Clow, JD Braithwaite, Hazel Fernandez, Ivonne Yanney. And the remix of the “Facing Up” by which the single cut was carried out from the album remixed by 5 creators included Grant Nelson,DJ Disciple representing UK House& Garage music scene, and recorded sales of over 10,000.

“Facing Up” chosen as the top 10 of the best Garage single in “UK TOUCH Magazine” of 1997. And others, in UK underground scene, Tomoki worked for some tracks in UK underground music scene.

In Japanese music scene, 3 solo artist album released from major record label between 1996 to 2002. His 2nd. album “Beatmania” (Konami Music Entertainment) sales of over 50,000, provided some tracks for the Sony Playstation game software, “Beatmania” by KONAMI Music Entertainment Co. Ltd. This game software has sold over 1 million copies to date.

Also, Remixed and produced many Japanese singer included MISIA.

In 2006, he pursued new musicality in the mainstream scene changed the name into LA Stylez an artist.And, his longtime dream project, debut album “The LA Style Project” in the name of memorable LA Stylez is released by Nippon TV Music ,Cray Record.

n this project whose concepts combined West Coast funk & soul of 80′s, and today’s dance music, he featured legendary soul music artist in the world included the legendary Maurice White of arth,Wind & Fire, the legendary Salsoul diva Jocelyn Brown, famous UK Jazz Funk group“Incognito” ‘s main vocalist Maysa Leak etc.

Also,his very distinctive style of music and the view of the world of the music which is full of his originality has the high evaluation from the music instrument maker and the sound maker industry,he produced sound involved in-sound design for synthesizers for world leading musical instrument maker Korg® Inc. and ‘E-MU® and sampling CD “TheMillennium Garage” which gained highest evaluation 5-star by “Sound On Sound” of the music magazine which has authority most in UK. His music work activities are various.

Furthermore,his released tracks are remixed by top DJs of Louie Vega of “Masters At Work”, Grant Nelson, DJ Disciple, Scott Garcia, Ray Harley, etc etc, and were smash hit on world club scene.

In recent years, he remixed of lovers reggae track to the Yuna Ito (Sony Music Japan) and Michael Jackson’s song reggae cover (Universal Music Japan) etc. have obtained high evaluation in the music industry.

In 2013, he has been organized new Electro Dub project, named of “Crystal Mint” with Russian art creator, and Moombahton Project of “UKIYO” with DJ Giankar.

Tomoki Hirata’s sound will continue to change and new!


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