SATURDAY, JULY 13, 2013:


■ MUNCHI (do/nl)
■ HOODIE (nl)
■ DANILO (nl)

& MC Dirty Tim & VJ M

moombahton | tropical bass | trap | ambient | future garage

Boomgaardsstraat 71, Rotterdam
doors / start: 23:00 | curfew: 05:00
vvk: 7 euro / deur: 8 euro


This is the night to dance to the next generation of left field producers! Your host Munchi will kick off the discombobulated galore followed up by Kami Kapnobatai. Both will showcase their soothing Ambient / Future Garage experiments. From there, things will slowly bounce into a tropical maelstrom of batshit crazy Moombahton / Trap by Danilo, Hoodie and (for the closing set) Munchi.



■ MUNCHI (do/nl)
For the uninitiated who still need an introduction. Rotterdam based Munchi began crafting his unique style some years ago from a wide scope of influences. He quickly became recognized as the king of moombahton. A slew of brilliant productions, remixes and successful international tours followed. However, the aftermath of overnight succes also brought music business melee and other adversities. He had to step back and contemplate, but now he is finally back on track!

■ HOODIE (nl)
The ‘baddest new moombahton’ according to Diplo. With HipHop production as his springboard, Hoodie aka Daniël Pattiata quickly slipped further into the world of beats, broadening his horizon through Dutch house and electro. He is now relentlessly releasing, mixing and dj’ing, paving the way for a bright future.

Kami is a producer who can turn what supposedly is a standard garage percussion bit and an overused vocal concept into something other-worldly. He can immerse himself in an idea based on fluid melody, shift it’s interchangeable layers and weave together an intricate tapestry of something which borders between the meditative and nirvanic.

■ DANILO (nl)
Rumour has it that Danilo was a talented organ grinder before even reaching age six. Further inspired by cassette gifts by his dad and his own basement drumming practice sessions he continued to be lost in music. Getting his initial cues from e.g. reggaeton and mambo, Danilo meanwhile is a mindblowing tropical bass artist with remixes under his belt for David Heartbreak.

The Hague’s self-proclaimed finest looking DJ and smooth talker will host the event and move the crowd.

■ VJ M
Known as the VJ for the Rebel Up! parties, acclaimed for his eclectic and raw style. Recently made a videoclip for Maga Bo.

Sat. July 13: SELEGNA #1 w/ MUNCHI (do/nl) + HOODIE (nl) + KAMI KAPNOBATAI (jp) + DANILO (nl) & MC DIRTY TIM (nl)

skype: skypeaccountnr.zoveel



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