After about two years in the making, the debut album from Jack Fivecoate has finally seen the light of day. With a lot of help from our close friend of Generation Bass, Matthew Mansfield (Piper Street Sound), the production of this immaculate album has finally been finished as professionally as one would expect.

If the first song Fire doesn’t immediately grab your attention then there might be something wrong with your hearing. All the songs are composed and sung by Jack Fivecoate along with the beautiful vocals of Jessica Pyrdsa and with input from Matthew Mansfield. The musicianship is provided professionally by a series of excellent musicians, all connecting brilliantly making each song flow perfectly rhythmically and harmoniously.

Jack Fivecoate can be heard on numerous instruments, his harmonica playing is up there with the best as heard on the second song Numbers Of People, but also his vocals on the same track are simply gorgeous. He’s also playing the guitar and melodica on various tracks. I know the bassist, his sound is unmistakable for me to recognize as Matthew Mansfield. He knows how to carry the low end while driving the melody and rhythm simultaneously, the way only the most professional of bass players know how to do. A lot of people have a hard time understanding the importance of the bassist’s role, many of those people are bassists, but when you hear it played just right, it is recognizable because it just adds so much to the music. And without it the music is lost.

Time To Wake Up showcases the incredible diversity and talent of the musicians involved but more so it shows the talent of the producer. It starts as a more traditional Reggae tune but goes somewhere I’ve never heard reggae go. It brings in elements of Cumbia, Dub and Electro while maintaining a beautiful and chill acoustic Reggae vibe.

Then One and Only starts and it brings the album back to acoustic Reggae and slick electronic guitar leads with Dub delay. Not to mention, though apparently to mention because I am, the lyrics make for a gorgeous love song.

In Your Hands brings a new instrument into the mix and with it a new musician named Jonathan Lloyd on trombone. It is another testament to how good and professional these musicians involved with this album are.

Over all I would say this is perhaps the best production to come from Piper Street Sound’s studio and that is saying a lot. It shows that two years really did go into this excellent debut album. I can only hope this album and Jack Fivecoate get a lot of good attention for it is well deserved by both. I expect to see more big things coming from both Jack Fivecoate and Piper Street Sound.

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