The beautiful, gorgeous, immaculate (those are my three favorite adjectives to express love for something/someone) Carolyn Malachi returns with an all new video for her song All Right.

I was immediately pulled in at the moment when the camera catches a glimpse of the Miles Davis autobiography. My mind was ransacked by memories of when I first read that book that honestly changed my life as a teenager, Beyond the much due Miles respect, the song once again shows us what Carolyn is made of, which happens to be some brilliant stuff. This time she even raps a little, which on most occasions, actually before viewing this I’d say it would be on all occasions, I can’t stand to hear in R&B, but in this case alone it worked. I think because it was done by Carolyn herself and I just love her voice and lyrics.

Enjoy this return to the over-populated online music video world. A world in which I dig through only to find what I feel is the best.

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