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The United States stands as a testament to the age-old philosophical argument that the value of something is only as valuable as the people believe it to be. We are a Third World country but damn we sure do carry it well. If we can continue to convince ourselves and those around us that we are on top of things, then all will work out just fine. This is one of my favorite things about living here. Our belief that everything is okay just as long as we prevent those pesky terrorist attacks.

I’m late for my 4th of July ode but I couldn’t make up my mind as to what to say until now. With our countrywide oblivious and delusional state of mind, we still have a lot going for us. My favorite attribute of this “New World” is the shared conditioned belief that no matter what we can always start over again. We are taught at an early age that failure is imminent no matter what we attempt to do with our lives, and that same failure is a part of the success we can reach if we just get back up and start again. Not all of us do this, but those who do understand exactly what I mean. This is the country of second, third, fourth and so on, chances. We may be delirious, over proud and delusional but the U.S. is a great place to fail.

When it comes down to it everywhere is the best place to be. It all depends on how you perceive the place and your own life.

Terror Negro Records is always putting out some of the dopest Cumbia Peru has to offer. DJ Chakruna is at the forefront of the scene. Here is his latest Cumbia mixtape with a nice little mix of contemporary jams.

TERROR NEGRO MIXTAPE 004 DJ CHAKRUNA – EL MAS BUSCADO by Terror Negro Records on Mixcloud

This chill Nu Cumbia comes to SSC from El Mencho Cumbia Dub.

Real Cumbia Activa has been very busy these past few months. I have their latest edit showcasing their skills as a team.

Turbo Sonidero Futuristico shows up again on SSC with yet another dope Tumbia, this time a sick remix.

This is the first time ATA Selektah appears here on Sexy Saturday Cumbia. Perfect for following Turbo Sonidero’s tumbia is this mashup.

Back to Peru and Terror Negro Records I have none other than the always dope Sonidos Profundos with an all new remix.

Making another appearance here after a couple of weeks off is Exta-Machine Mx with yet another dope edit.

It seems there are a lot of remixes this weekend and these next ones are no exception.

First with Cumbia Dub Club our friend Petardo Peru hits us with this chilled out Los Diabolitos edit.

Last for the remixes is another sick Rebejada by El Mulato.

It’s been a while since I shared some of Steve TellcO’s digital cumbia here on SSC and now is the perfect time, as anytime actually is.

Here is his latest original track I’m sure you’ll really dig.

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